Gourmet chocolate bars 45 gr. and 100 gr.

Gluten free, extra dark 73% or 60%, milk and gianduja chocolate bars.

Extra dark 73% – A wise blend of fine cocoa allows to perceive the softly bitter and persistent flavour of the perfectly roasted cocoa. It is a chocolate that, by the tasting, slowly enhances the aromas complexity.

Extra dark 60% – Cocoa blend of different proveniences, well-rounded flavour, lingering aftertaste. Excellent for a slow and deep tasting.

Milk – To taste the Vannucci milk chocolate is to treat yourself to a moment of real pleasure. The high creaminess of milk and the high quality of fine cocoa give to the palate a new aromatic and taste balance.

Gianduja– Prepared with full respect for the Italian tradition, by using high quality nuts that, expertly roasted to enhance their taste, perfectly blend with our delicious chocolate; this specialty satisfies even the most demanding palates.